Petra Gill

Petra Gill

Various sports, always health-oriented, I practiced in recent years (running, cycling, Latin aerobics and workouts).

In May 2016 I got to know Catherina and the Pilates room. Immediately I was fascinated by the impact of the unique and ingenious training method on body and mind. After a short time, I already felt the positive changes in my body and felt a pleasant body sensation. Through regular Pilates training, my personality visibly changed. From the inside: strengthened, balanced and motivated; from the outside: toned, elongated, flexible and healthy.

Catherina inspired me to go deeper into the method of Joseph Pilates.

In November 2016, I trained and certified as a trainer in Matwork at Safs&Beta in Berlin. The start was done, but I wanted to deepen my knowledge even more, especially the intensive, versatile and individual training on the Reformer interested me. Therefore, in November 2017, I trained at the Pilates Holistic Center Hamburg to become a STOTT PILATES trainer on the Reformer (essential and intermediate) and also completed the training Matwork (essential to advanced) according to the STOTT PILATES method. In 2019 followed the training on the Chair (essential to advanced). 

My enthusiasm and conviction of the training method developed by Joseph Pilates has grown and is unbroken. I would like to continue to expand this knowledge, and am happy to pass it on in training.

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