No Pain All Gain or: Beauty does not have to suffer

No Pain All Gain or: Beauty does not have to suffer

Ten good reasons to start with STOTT PILATES:

What was once a well-kept secret among dancers and celebrities is now used by people around the world to stay fit and healthy: spirited, harmonious exercises like those in the STOTT PILATES method, a contemporary approach to the original mind-body exercise method developed by German athlete Joseph Pilates. And with good reason! Not only does this method achieve remarkable results - like pain-free posture and longer, leaner muscles - but they feel good too.

1. The abdominal muscles become flatter, stronger and their tone improves

Instead of endless sit-ups, exercises like the classic "hundred" are performed with fewer repetitions and more control. This, combined with the constant focus on torso stability throughout your workout (and your everyday life) makes STOTT PILATES exercises famous for achieving strong flat abs.

2. Longer, leaner muscles

Because of the aesthetic streamlined effect, magazines like Vogue and Elle are all over our exercise method. Thanks to the balance between strength and flexibility, your muscles look long and lean and your movements become smooth.

3. Improved posture

Unlike Joseph Pilates' original teaching and conventional fitness programs that proclaim a flat spine, the STOTT PILATES method recognizes and restores the important shock-absorbing properties of the spine's natural flexes.

4. Prevent injuries

STOTT PILATES exercises not only increase flexibility, they also strengthen muscles concentrically and eccentrically (resistance to inward and outward movements). This in turn improves muscle control, preventing injuries that normally occur with impact, such as jogging or aerobics.

5. Strengthen circulation, relieve tension

Continuous focus on breathing not only oxygenates the blood and refills cells throughout the body, it also increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn increases concentration and has a vitalizing effect.

6. Strengthen body awareness

By recognizing and strengthening the deeper support system of the body - the muscles of the torso - you will learn to move more efficiently. Whether walking, running or even tying your shoes, everything seems easier.

7. Balance strength and flexibility

Most of us have overtrained muscles because we bend forward too much and don't stretch and strengthen our backs enough. Athletes also tend to overuse certain muscles while neglecting others. The STOTT PILATES method strives to rebalance the muscles at the joints so that they work more effectively, thus reducing the risk of injury.

8. Strengthening the ability to concentrate

This is not a mindless exercise program! By becoming aware of your muscles as well as your control over them, you gradually make the connection between your body and your mind. This increased awareness and focus also works into your daily life.

9. Increase athletic performance

For years, dancers have sworn by Pilates-based exercises because of the precision performance, focus and avoidance of injury they achieve. Meanwhile, professional and amateur golfers, baseball players, skaters, etc. have also noticed a marked difference in the way they play.

10. Increase self-esteem

Because of the intelligent training and the resulting remarkable results, you will feel great!