General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


1. Scope of application

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to the training operation in the PILTATESRAUM BERLIN for participants (hereinafter referred to as "Participant") as well as Catherina Burkhardt or trainers employed by her (hereinafter referred to as "Operator"). The training operation takes place in the form of courses in groups, a Quattrotraining (training in fours), Triotraining (training in threes), Duotraining (training in twos) and a Solotraining (alone).

2. Conditions of participation

Participants can be any adult person. Minors need the consent of their parents. The condition for the status as a participant is furthermore the presence of a legally valid registration form. Any illnesses, injuries and physical limitations must be stated on this form. The operator reserves the right to request medical clearance certificates if necessary. Furthermore, the participant agrees to inform the operator of any illnesses, injuries and physical limitations that occur after the registration form has been filled out before the next course session takes place. Otherwise, the participant agrees to participate in the courses on his own responsibility.

3. Course registration

The participation in a course lesson requires a binding registration. This registration can be made with the operator in person, by telephone, by SMS or by e-mail or online (contact only via mobile: 01734950501 or to The registration is only effective when confirmed by the operator or when registering online. Participation in a course lesson without prior registration is only possible subject to free places (drop in).

A registration for a course lesson is binding. If an agreed appointment cannot be kept, it must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of the course. In case of a shorter cancellation, the course fee has to be paid (in case of contracts, the appointment expires without substitution, even if it is taken by another participant).

4. Terms of payment

All prices include the legal VAT of 19%.

The payment of the course fees has to be made in advance. A participant who has not paid at the start of a course lesson is not entitled to participate in the course lesson, regardless of whether a registration for the course lesson in question has been made.

Payment for individual training sessions is made on an individual basis. If 10/20 course tickets or combination tickets are purchased, they must be paid for by the start of the first agreed course lesson. In the case of contracts, the course fee is due at the beginning of each month for the current month.

Course fees can be paid in cash to the operator. Alternatively, the bank account details for transferring the course fees can be requested from the operator. The payment of course fees by bank transfer is only considered as paid when the payment is credited to the account.

5. Course procedure

The duration of a course hour is 60 minutes. The course room may only be entered barefoot, in non-slip socks or in clean sports shoes (depending on the course category).

Participants agree to observe classes for educational purposes.

Participants must ensure that they are ready in their training clothes at the beginning of the course session. No-show by a participant will be treated as a late cancellation. At the beginning of the class, the places of late participants can be given to waiting participants (drop in). The operator reserves the right to exclude late arriving participants from the training session in question even if the course place is still available, but late entry into the course would cause an increased risk of injury. In this case, the course fee must still be paid.

6. Individual training - 10er/20er card/combined cards - contracts

Individual training

For individual training, a single appointment is made for one course hour. Alternatively, there is the possibility to fill free course places at the beginning of a course hour (drop in). Individual training must be paid for before the course begins.

10er/20er cards/combined cards

A 10er/20er card/combined card must be paid before the start of the first course lesson. The 10er/20er card/combi card is purchased for a specific course category. This course category is noted online. The participant has access to his online customer profile.

The course dates can be booked individually or several at once in advance. The participant can choose between all course types of the noted course category in the mat program (group). In the case of equipment training (Quattro, Trio, Duo), fixed dates are agreed. Moreover, he/she can choose types of courses from cheaper course categories without any refund of the difference in the course fee. The agreement of the dates is binding. In case of participation in the appointments or not canceling appointments in time, one unit will be deducted from each 10er/20er card/combined card.

10-unit cards are valid for 3 months from the date of issue, 20-unit cards for 6 months and combination cards for 4 months. The participant is responsible for making a sufficient number of appointments within this period. After this time, appointments that have not yet been made will be forfeited.


Contracts regulate the regular weekly participation in courses. A monthly fee is to be paid for this. Contracts can only be concluded with Catherina Burkhardt. These terms and conditions are to be applied in addition to the terms and conditions of the contracts.

7. Catch up lessons

Dates canceled in time may be made up. The make-up lessons must be agreed upon in advance. The appointment for a catch-up lesson is subject to the availability of free places in a course of the same course category.

A refund of course fees of a 10er/20er card/combined card or a booked single lesson is not possible. However, if the participant proves that he/she will not be able to attend courses for a longer period of time due to medical reasons, the period of 3/4/6 months (depending on the card) for attending the course dates can be suspended.

8. Course selection - Course rescheduling - Closing times.

In case of illness of the operator, the operator will try to find a quick replacement. If this is not possible, all participants will be informed before the course starts that the course lesson is cancelled. The participant is allowed to make up for cancelled lessons.

The operator reserves the right to change the course schedule after prior notice. In this case, course participants will be offered an alternative date for their booked course hours.

On public holidays the PILATESRAUM BERLIN remains closed. Furthermore, the PILATESRAUM BERLIN can be closed for 4 weeks a year due to vacations. Closing times will be announced 4 weeks in advance.

9. Liability

PILATESRAUM BERLIN is not liable for damages caused by the participant during the use of the studio and the equipment as well as for damages due to not communicated complaints and illnesses. For wardrobe and valuables of the participants any liability is excluded.

10. House rules

The participant is obligated to follow the instructions of the operator, as far as these serve a proper course of the operation.

11. Data protection

For the purpose of an optimal support of the participants, the operator stores personal data internally. These are subject to data protection regulations and will not be passed on externally without the participant's consent.

12. Final provisions

Applicable is exclusively the law valid in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The participant is not entitled to assign claims arising from the contract without the consent of the operator.

Should any provision of the GTC be or become invalid or unenforceable, it shall be replaced by a provision that comes closest in meaning and purpose to the provision to be replaced in a legally enforceable manner. The same shall apply to any loopholes. In any case, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.