Functional Training

Functional Training

Your new secret weapon

Discover functional training: Instead of training individual muscles, you train movement sequences of the whole body. The exercises use your own body weight and various small equipment. You build up stability and balance with targeted movements. 
The result: stable core muscles effectively provide more strength, endurance and flexibility - your new superpowers!

Functional training serves to optimise your performance in the areas of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. Free, three-dimensional training prepares your body perfectly for different movement requirements and serves to prevent sports and everyday injuries. You will improve your fitness in no time at all and even lose a few kilos quickly thanks to the holistic training. Kettlebells, medicine balls, jump box, jump rope, tubes etc. are used.

Currently available as personal training or as a duo (two people) according to your schedule, also in combination with Pilates, yoga and running training as a package. One unit of PT lasts 55 minutes.

Also ask about our boot camp dates. The training plans are individually tailored to your needs. Prices on request.