Christian Dreßler

Christian Dreßler

Sport has been a part of my life, but never the most important one. I have worked for national and international productions in the media sector, on the one hand traveling half the world and on the other hand sitting at a desk for more than 30 years.

So I know what it means to suffer the corresponding "ailments", and am now happy to have found with Pilates the right combination of strengthening, balance, concentration and constant development. All this in harmony with my own physical well-being.

The constant development of what else is possible once you get into it is fascinating and motivating. It encourages me to constantly push it forward for myself, and to bring it to others in such a way that they, like me, no longer want to miss it.

I am educated in the Stott Pilates Method for Reformers and Matwork.

My motto is: ...doing is like wanting, only more stark!